How to Litter Train a Rabbit

How to Litter Train a Rabbit

When deciding How to Litter train a Rabbit, understand that rabbits are clean animals, appreciate their privacy and tend to naturally designate one or two spots where they prefer to go to the toilet.

As a general rule, they don’t like going to the bathroom in the same spot where they eat and sleep.

Positive Training 

There are a few techniques you can use when it comes to litter training your rabbit.

Being consistent with praise is a great way to positively reinforce using their litter box.

If your rabbit does not use the litter box, do not scream at it or hit them.

Simply do nothing. Screaming or scolding your rabbit will only make your rabbit scared.

When it comes to how to litter train a rabbit remember all rabbits are different, some will learn to use the litter box quicker and easier than others.

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What to put in a Litter Box

Never use clay or clumping litters. The recycled paper or pressed pellet litters are the best to use.

download (2)Cedar shavings are toxic to rabbits, and some say that pine shavings aren’t very good either, although they can be favoured by certain breeders.

Rabbits also like to snack while going to the toilet.

Some will eat small amount of their litter, while others like to much on hay while in their litter box.

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Starting Training

It is good to commence training, by starting out small, for example begin in the cage. Set up the litter box and leave the rabbit in the cage.

When it has to go, it will go to the litter box. After it gets used to using that box in the cage, start increasing it’s roaming space and eventually the rabbit will go running long distances to that litter box.

If your rabbit has a preferred place to go to the bathroom in the cage, like a particular corner, place the litter box there.

Watch the rabbit and when you see the rabbit go to the bathroom in the box reward it with a treat or praise.

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Rabbits are not always Perfect

Your rabbit will occasionally have accidents and droppings may be scattered once in a while.

pee-morningSome rabbits never get control of their bowels, but will return to the litter box to urinate.

Puddles, on the other hand, are usually made on purpose to mark a new boundary or to prove a point.

Make sure your rabbit isn’t entering its teen hormone phase or feeling threatened, if this occurs.

Accidents can also occur because the litter box needs cleaning. Rabbits hate to get their paws dirty.

Once you have mastered how to litter train a rabbit, in most cases your rabbit will make it to the litter box in time.

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