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Litter Training Rabbits

Litter Training Rabbits begins as soon as  you bring your rabbit home.

Have newspaper covering the whole bottom of your rabbits cage.

Make sure you have a plastic corner litter tray on hand but DO NOT use this for the first 2-3 days after your bunny arrives home.

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Observe your Rabbit

During this time you will find out where they want their toilet corner to be.

Once this is established clean out the cage of newspaper and thoroughly clean the relevant corner.

Fill the litter tray with fresh litter and added some of the soiled newspaper on top, from the area that you have just cleaned, to the top of the fresh litter tray.

Then place the litter box in the same corner that your rabbit has been using and you just cleaned.

Make sure that the tray is secure and stable in it’s designated corner or they may not feel comfortable using it.

That’s all there is to it, your rabbit should automatically start using the litter tray next time it goes.

Litter Training Rabbits…. Troubleshooting

Should they ever change their mind about which corner they like to use, simply move the litter tray accordingly.

You will only need to add soiled bedding onto the fresh, until you are certain he is using it properly.

Be careful with cage floor litter boxes that your rabbit can access it’s cecotropes as they provide essential nutrients for your rabbit.

If your rabbit is mainly outdoors, but comes indoors to play and interact, then bring the litter tray in, and ensure he has access to while inside.

Alternately, you can train them to use two litter trays, use the same procedure as before, determine where they want to go to the toilet and put some fresh litter in to with some soiled litter on top, make sure it is stable, safe and secure and that should be that.

Clean the litter tray out daily and it will keep the rest of the hutch or cage fresh and clean, this does not mean you always have to remove all the litter just the soiled areas.

Remember an overly clean litter box may deter your rabbit from using it.

All that is required is a little time, patience and love to make Litter Training Rabbits a simple and straightforward process.