Rabbit Litter Box Selection

Selecting a suitable rabbit litter box, will help make the litter training process easier for both you and your rabbit.

Things you need to consider are

  • The Size of your Rabbit – Rabbits tend to use their litter box to play, eat and even sleep at times, so when it comes to selecting a litter box, bigger is always better.
  • Cage Size – will the litter tray fit inside the cage door and the litter box allow enough space in the rest of the cage for your rabbit.

Recommended Rabbit Litter Boxes

High Corner Litter Box 

are great for small rabbits that have a cage as a base, they offer some privacy and help to keep the cage and surrounds clean.

Square hi-back Litter Box

these can work well for rabbits especially if they are old, have arthritis or other mobility medical conditions that make hopping into a box difficult.

Plastic Cat Litter Trays

They come in several sizes can be cleaned with vinegar.You cut down one side of a cat litter box and cover the edges with split plastic tubing to make it safe.

Large Dog Litter Trays

These type of trays are heavy duty, easy to clean, have a low entry site, provide plenty of room and are great for large or rabbits with mobility issues.

Wire Bottom Litter Boxes

Wire in Litter Boxes – Tend to be favoured as a way to stop your rabbit from digging through their litter, to reduce mess, make cleaning easier.

  1. Some rabbits will simply refuse to use them.
  2. As it is designed for the dropping to fall through, it is crucial that your rabbit is able to access to their cecotropes, a softer ball type dropping that a rabbits need to eat in order to extract residual nutrients from their food.

Remember no matter what type of Rabbit Litter Box you select as long as you factor int the size of your rabbit and space available you are off to a good start.