Overly Clean Litter Box

Overly Clean Litter Box

One of the most common problems when litter training is having the litter box too clean.

Do not clean it every time the rabbit uses it. Your rabbit may get confused and not know why that box is there if it smells clean.IMG00478-20110109-1142

Your rabbit may even sleep in the litter box!

If this happens, be sure to make the rabbits bed much more attractive to the rabbit so it’ll choose the bed over the box.

Remember in the beginning your rabbit will naturally be attracted by the scent of the used litter in the tray and will begin to relieve itself in the litter box.

When your rabbit uses the litter box reward your bunny with a little treat.

Your bunny will occasionally have accidents and droppings may be scattered once in a while.

However once litter trained, most rabbits will make it to the litter box in time.