Common Litter Box Problems

Like humans all rabbits have their own personality, habits and  speed at which they learn

1. Kicking litter out of their box –  the easiest way to stop this is to get a cover in litter box, this will prevent them from making a mess with their litter.

2. Rabbit insists on using another spot – in this case simply place the litter box where the rabbit prefers to go to the toilet

3. More than one preferred toilet spot – if your rabbit is a slow learner or likes more than one spot, set up a separate litter box in each of their preferred areas.

4. Urinating over the edge of the litter box – some rabbits can back up so far that the urine goes over the edge.

To solve this you can

  • Use a covered litter box
  • Put a large pan or tray in the litter box
  • Adding a urine guard at the back of the cage can prevent the urine from spraying onto the floor