Rabbit Urinating Everywhere

If your rabbit is litter trained and starts to change their toilet behaviour there are a few reasons and signs to look out for.

Dribbling urine over their cage instead of using the litter box

In most cases dribbles (especially if your rabbit is litter trained) are an indication of a bladder infection.

Get your rabbit to a vet asap, they will probably prescribe antibiotics. If the dribbling stops, you know that that was the problem.

What if the Dribles do not stop after antibiotics?

Consider if your rabbit is feeling afraid, has there been a change in routine or cage location, they may be any factors that may be making your bunny feel insecure and can cause a rabbit to mark their new territory.

Also check back with the Vet just incase.

Urinating away from the litter box

The most common reasons why a litter trained rabbit reverts to bad habits are

Behavior Related – there can be many changes that can cause your rabbit to act up such as change of routine, stress, visitors, children home for the holidays, extremely bad weather

If it is a one of fright from a sudden loud noise while in their litter box can trigger a fear of using it in the future.

Regardless of what triggered the bad behaviour, the goal is to rebuild their confidence by placing their urine/droppings into their box while using praise, treats and positive reinforcement to reassure them that it is a safe.

Once they realize that nothing bad is going to happen they should forget about what happened and get back to their old litter routine.

Remember that litter box retraining can more time than the first time, patience, consistency and positive reinforcement are the key.

Territory Related – This can start when your baby rabbit turns into a teenager, in which case spaying or neutering can help. Adding another rabbit to the family can trigger the need for your rabbit to mark it’s territory, once your rabbit feels that it has sufficiently marked it’s territory, they should start using their litter box again.

Urinary Tract Infections –  If you notice out of the ordinary explainable urinating, take your rabbit to see the Vet immediately. Often times once treated your rabbit will resume using their litter box again.