Rabbit Litter Tips

Rabbit Litter Box Selection

Selecting the right litter box to suit both your rabbit and you can make litter training and cleaning a whole lot easier, read more

Rabbit Litter Selection

Learn what type of litter is most user friendly for your rabbit, what litter to avoid and which litters are the easiest to clean, read more...

Rabbit Hay Selection

Most rabbits like to snack while in their litter box, so adding hay encourages use and selecting the right hay is a must when setting up, read more...

Litter Box Cleaning

Learn how often you need to clean a rabbit's litter box, what you will need and tips to make cleaning your rabbit’s litter box easy read more

How to Litter Train a Rabbit

How to Litter Train a Rabbit

When deciding How to Litter train a Rabbit, understand that rabbits are clean animals, like their privacy and tend to naturally designate one or two spots where they prefer to go to the toilet, read more

Litter Training Rabbits

Litter Training your rabbit should begin as soon as your bring your rabbit home, have newspaper covering the whole bottom of your rabbits cage. Make sure you have a litter tray on hand but DO NOT use this for the first 2-3 days, read more

Rabbit Litter Set-Up

Learn how to set up your rabbits litter box, to get started you will need a Litter Box, Litter, Hay, Litter Scoop, Paper Towel, White Vinegar and Small bin liners. Find out how often and how to easily clean a rabbit’s litter box, read more

Rabbit Training Help

Find out mistakes people make when litter training their rabbit such as overly clean litter box. What to do about over spray, how to stop rabbits urinating everywhere, more than one preferred toilet area, different rabbit droppings, kicking litter, read more